Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Welcome to a New School Year

I have the pleasure of teaching at a university and the fall is a time for new beginnings. I started classes yesterday. Yes I know it was labor day. My college believes we should work on labor day. But teaching to me is a labor of love so I had fun. When we return to campus in the fall there is a great sense of anticipation in the air. The students and faculty are full of enthusiasm and ready to to engage in teaching and learning. I feel like I have a brand new slate and I am starting fresh with no blemishes from the previous school year.

Those of you with children are busy getting them ready to go back to school. I hope they are all eagerly anticipating the start of their journey of exploration and learning. My wish is that they all find joy in the process of learning.

May you all find joy in the beginning of the school year.