Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where am I going?

Have you ever stopped to think about where your journey through life is taking you? To meet new people, to make new friends. To learn new things and practice the old. To be a good mom, wife daughter, sister, neighbor, parishiner, employee, role model. To lead and to follow. To be the best person you can be each and everyday. To love and be loved in return. These are some of the characteristics of my journey. I am happy to be able to say that I am having a most wonderful journey thanks to all the wonderful people I come in contact with. I wish all of you as wonderful a life as I am having. May you travel through your journey of life sampling all the wonderful gifts of this life and be a blessing to everyone you meet. Have a wonderful life!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where did I go?

It has been almost 5 months since I have posted anything here. Not because I have been away or lost access to the Internet (actually I did for a while) but because I don't make it a priority. I get concerned that I won't have anything interesting or catchy to say. So what have been doing for five months?

Stitching wise I have been participating in two RRs and three exchanges. Personally, the school year was very busy, my DD came back from London, and I am enjoying having her home for the summer. I am working this summer both teahing and in my new capacity as an undergraduate coordinator. I am also doing household projects I didn't get to do during the school year.

I have gotten a book on how to modify your blog so I will look to update the look of mine in the next couple of weeks. I also am doing the 101 things to do in 1001 days and will probably publish my list soon and track it.

I signed up for three BNU courses and realize that three is too many so will probably only do two. When they offer the third one again I will sign up again and do it then. I was concerned that they wouldn't offer them again and I can tell from some of the comments that courses are offered multiple times. i also registered yesterday to go to CSNF in Toronto this coming October. I am really excited to be going because I will get to meet and see so many of my online stitching friends and hopefully take a couple of classes with TW and JAS.

So as you can see I keep myself busy. There are three weeks left to my summer then Freshman Orientation starts at my university and the school year begins again. I am going to enjoy each and everyday of the remainder of my summer and head into the school year with great expectations and a high level of excitement.

Since I have been away for so long I will have plenty to post so I will get started tomorrow with my blog renovations and showing you some of what I have been up to . Have a lovely day!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's a Stitching Life

This year I am signed up for two round robins. One is the Mirabilia RR and the other is the TWRR. They are spaced in such a way that that I can get them both done each month but it doesn't leave time for other stitching. For the Mirabilia RR I have had the opportunity to stitch Autumn Queen and part of Deco Spirits-Fire. I am currently working on Fairy Roses. For the TWRR I stitched the Renaissance Bookmark as the header of my RR and I am stitching Rose Tree in Bloom on Dani's RR. I am really enjoying the RRs eventhough I do not have enough stitching time to get to any of my other WIPs right now. I currently have 12 WIPs and I hope to get that number down tofive by the end of the year. When summer comes I will be able to get more stitching time and make progress on reducing my WIPS.

I was looking at Annette's blog and I want to add a list of my WIPS and completed pieces to the border of my blog. So I will have to do a little research and see if I can figure out how to do it. Well I better go do some house cleaning and laundry so I can do more stitching this evening.

My Quandry

It has been almost two months since I posted to my blog. This is what I feared would happen when I set up the blog. I am not a journaller of life. I much rather be doing something rather than write about it. So for the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about whether I should give up blogging and delete my blog. I appear to be the only one who reads it anyway so why bother. Part of the problem is my expectation that I need to be clever and amusing in every entry. I am a techie and don't really enjoy writing but as I get older I would love to have some record of my life even though it is not a extraordinary life in any way. But maybe recording the very ordinariness of it has merit. So I have decided to try again. Instead of expecting to write daily I am setting a more realistic expectation of writing here at least once a week.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I See Blue Skies

In some parts of the world this would not be considered unususal but in Rochester in January the sun is rarely seen and when it is the temperatures are usually around zero instead of the balmy 45F it is right now. It feels and smells like spring and we still have the Christmas tree up.

Well I have turned on my relaxation music and I am facing the beautiful blue sky while I try and summarize all that has occurred in the last 12 days. My DD left for London earlier this month and I miss her but I am so happy she has this opportunity to see another part of the world.

My DS has been wrestling and his record is 13 wins to 7 loses. This is much better than last year. He gets better and stronger every year. He is also trying hard to learn how to balance all the demands on his time; school, sports, a girlfriend, video games, friends etc. I get so much joy out of watching them grow up. All too soon they will all be grown and DH and I will be on our own again.

I have been doing a lot of stitching for me. We were all down with a bad cold and I declared the weekend recovery weekend . Everyone stayed in PJs and rested and slept when they weren't resting. I stitched on and off all day both days. That was two weekends ago. I was also able to stitch almost every evening. This past weekend I did quite a bit of stitching even though I also cleaned the entire house.

What have I been working on? Since it is Guilt Free January I have started Michael Powell's Venice and Chatelaine's Mini Mandala Garden I #2. Then the Mirabilia RR arrived on January 13th. That was recovery weekend. On Friday evening I decided which Mira design I was going to stitch and then I went to Jo Ann's to pick up a few colors of floss I did not have. Then on Saturday & Sunday I stitched contently in between coughs and sniffles on Mira's Autum Queen. I am excited about this RR because I have never stitched a Mirabilia design before and now I will have the opportunity to stitch parts of 6 or 7 of them. Autumn Queen has some very beautiful colors in it. During the week that followed I decided that the metallic substitution I made for Kreinik 150V was not working because it was too close in color to the gold metallic. So I made a special trip to the LNS to pick the suggested metallic and the beads. I ended up buying Rainbow Gallery's Nordic Gold instead because it was the right color but much more vibrant than the kreinik color. The beads are very pretty colors and I ordered the two treasures I needed. They should be in by the first week in February which will give me sufficient time to stitch them on before mailing the RR onto it's next recipient.

In addition to working on the Mira RR I try to stitch on MP's Venice in the morning before I go to work and I took a Christmas ornament called Santa's Hat by Twisted Thread to work today so I would have a small project there instead of constantly carrying my rotation project bag and forth to work everyday. I don't get to stitch often at work but it will be nice to have a small project I can pull out to work on during meetings or if I am taking a small break in my office.

I plan to start my TWRR band tonight since it is the BB-wide SAL tonight. I plan to stitch The Reniasance Bookmark horizontally as the first band. It will be exciting to start this one. My only concern is how I am going to keep up with two RR's. I know I will but I won't be doing much else with my leisure time. This is OK since I really love to stitch. I just do it ever so slowly.

Well I must go back to work. I have papers to grade and students lining up outside my door. I hope everyone is having a great day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time does fly...

Here it is January 11th already. When I started to blog I thought that it would only take a few minutes a day to keep it up to date. Now the reality has set in. Like all things it requires a commitment to keep it going. I have to include blogging to my daily schedule instead of thinking I can do it in a spare momment here and there. That's what I just did. I had a few minutes so I thought I would put in a new entry. I have done that but I do not have the time now to do a thoughtful and complete job. So I will say goodbye for now and run off to take my son to his wrestling meet. I hope to be back real soon because January has been a very good month and I would like to share it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

In the beginning...

Here it is the beginning of another wonderful new year. How I end one year and begin the next is very important to me because I feel it sets the tone for the coming year. Because this year starts on a Sunday DD & I started the day by going to church. I wanted to spend time with DH and since he likes to shop we went shopping for new kitchen cabinet hardware and other household repair and decorating items. Then we rented some videos to watch this evening. We also did some Christmas returns and looked for a coat for DS. After getting home I baked sweet potato pies and cooked a special dinner. Now we are watching Kingdom of Heaven and I am going to stitch for the rest of the evening. I have also set my personal and stitching goals for the year.

My personal goals are :
  1. Lose weight.
  2. Exercise regularly and improve my flexibility.
  3. Take care of my health.
  4. Continue to decorate and improve our home.
  5. Get rid of the excess junk in our house.
  6. Organize my home and my office.
  7. Take care of my friendships.
  8. Continue to pay off debt & do retirement planning.
  9. Continue to build my relationship with DH.
  10. Stitch more and learn to knit and quilt.
  11. Learn new teaching delivery techniques and add to my content knowledge.
  12. Define the Undergraduate Coordinator's role in our department.
My Stitching Goals are:
  1. Finish three of my seven WIPs
  2. Start and complete two RRs
  3. Start six new designs for the new year in addition to the RRs.
  4. Finish the year with five or less WIPs.
I feel I have started the year off on the right foot and am looking forward to a happy and properous new year. May all of you have the same. So TTFN and off to my stitching I go.